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Fairy Hugs - Glitter Powder - Translucent - Magic Sparkle

$200 USD $400 USD

Fairy Hugs Translucent Glitter Powder is an extra fine, highly holographic glitter powder which is so very soft and velvety. The amazing thing about our translucent colors is that when you apply them to a project, you can still see things that are underneath. So if you use it to accent a fairy's wings, you will see the shimmer on top but still be able to make out the details of their wings. You can use this with all your crafts projects to give them that extra shimmer they need to make them stand out. Our glitter is sourced from the finest suppliers. They come packed in a lovely shaker jar that has a cap that you can open all the way to pour a lot at one time or a shaker side where you can just sprinkle the amount you need. Each jar contain approximately 15ml.